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Changing The Game can help with motivation around the challenges, choices, and decisions in the life of sports. It can help restructure your thinking and long time beliefs that may have been holding back your progress for years. Changing The Game can give you clarity to understand why you have been trying the same things over and over and expecting different results. It also gives you the opportunity to try something different. Often, long held limiting beliefs can keep us stuck with feeling negative about ourselves, leading to low self-confidence and self-esteem. This can lead to repeating patterns of beliefs and behaviors that are not helpful in life, such as never feeling good enough, 'people pleasing', always feeling afraid, perfectionism, or constant negative self-talk. Coaching with Changing The Game helps you identify the negative beliefs and embrace being and doing things in a different way; to start saying "I can, I am, I will" rather than "I can't, I'm not, I won't".


Transitions and Change

Transitions and change affect us all. Some examples could be leaving middle school for high school, relocating to a new area, sports injuries that are long lasting, getting a new coach, or joining a new team. Having someone to help you through those transitions can really help you focus on what you want moving through the challenges, and not to be stuck in the fear or anxiety of change. Committing to change in the coaching/client relationship can help you be motivated to change, rather than continuing to try on your own.


Choices and Direction

Some athletes may not know what choices they have, or what direction they want to go in. Coaching can empower athletes and their families from all walks of life to find their life’s direction and make the choices that will help them to identify with their authentic self. Coaching can also help you discover new perspectives of yourself, other athletes, people around you, and also the challenges you face.


How can Changing The Game help with your Confidence?

By evaluating the internal language you use about yourself, situations and experiences, you can explore a different you. Free yourself of the false thoughts and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back thus far. If you have been telling yourself "I can’t ………" Why can’t you? And is that really true?



What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching and therapy are both similar because they both look to help you with different challenges in your life. Therapy usually focuses on diagnosis, to the contrary, coaching does not diagnose or work with mental health diagnoses. Therapy also tends to focus more in the past, whereas the main coaching focus is the present and future. Therapy dives into your experiences, whereas coaching looks at the beliefs that you are left with from those experiences. Coaching is based on positive psychology and the client takes the lead, whereas therapy maybe more directive and therapist driven.


 How long do coaching sessions last?

The sessions last up to one hour and are generally every other week. If you have been a previous client, you can also schedule booster sessions, when you feel you need them.



How long will you need coaching for?

Remember real change takes time. The length of time you stay in coaching is totally up to you. The more you put into coaching, the more you will get out of it. In coaching you take the lead and your motivation to change determines its success. Coaching is a commitment to you from you. 


What if the coaching isn’t working?

The success of your coaching sessions are determined by you. If you feel something is not working bring it to my attention and we will collaborate on different ideas we can take to change your results.


Why do I have to sign up for a package?

Coaching is about your life, your commitment, and moving forward. Coaching can be life changing and is about investing in yourself. This takes time, patience, and commitment. The more commitment you have, the more the change will happen and be sustainable. 


You’re ready to begin coaching, now what?

First, schedule a free consultation with me via this website. Together we will work out what it is you are really looking for, and whether we are a good fit for each other. If we think we will work well together, then you pay for a coaching package. At this point, we will schedule our first session, either in person or by video call. I will then send you a coaching agreement before the first session.

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