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To help student athletes and their families overcome the stress of sports so they can maximize their results.


Lamont Taylor

Motivational Speaker

Certified Professional Life Coach; B.S., MBA

Having been a coach of youth sports for decades, a well respected and nationally recognized talent evaluator, and more importantly a parent of student-athletes, I understand the stress and difficulty of being a student-athlete and the strain it can put on a family. Through trained techniques I believe Changing The Game is the most effective way to gain maximum results in sports, in the classroom, at home, and in life. 




Sports Coaching with Changing The Game

Whether it's basketball, football, or any other sport, being a student-athlete and having to balance homework, practice, and a social life can be extremely stressful for the player as well as his or her family. Changing The Game specializes in helping families cope and thrive in the sports world's hectic environment.  


"Coach Lamont has had an amazing influence on our son. We have seen a change in our son's behavior at school and at home. I wish we would have made this decision a long time ago. My wife and I both agree being coached by Lamont has been of great benefit to all of us.

Michael P.

What Clients Say

"My husband and I felt our daughter was not competing at the level she could and needed someone to talk to. We reached out to Lamont and he has been our blessing. Her confidence and performance has soared and she just made All-Conference in our region."

Angie T.

I was a little skeptical about our family going to see a life coach because I was unfamiliar with it but with a daughter in gymnastics and two sons that play basketball and baseball, it was all a bit overwhelming. But after going to see Lamont we were able to refocus and get our lives back on track. I highly recommend his coaching. It helped our family tremendously.

Pamela B.

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